Hello! Thanks for popping over. I thought I would re-introduce myself for those that don’t know me yet.

I have always loved photography. My first camera was one of those long rectangular point and shoot wonders that were popular in the 80s. And my first “photo shoot” was of my cabbage patch dolls. Scroll to the end for proof. Prepare to cringe.

I did a lot of other things between cabbage patch dolls and launching this business, and it feels great to unite an early passion with my love of food and all the meaningful connection that comes with it. Food is love!

I have four kids and my husband and I love dragging them into the woods for hiking and camping trips. Above all we love spending time together in the kitchen and around the table sharing a meal with each other and with our friends and extended family. Nature inspires my photography and while I love to capture my family in action, a chaotic household makes me crave stillness, which is why I think my photography work has moved into the broad arena of still life — food, products, interiors, botanicals, etc.

Three more things about me:

  1. I love black coffee
  2. I’ll never stop dancing
  3. I’m a crier – joy? sorrow? Pete’s Dragon? All of it. I feel the feels.

And finally, as promised, scenes from my first ever photo shoot circa 1982: